Angels: Heaven, Hell and Earth




He who flies high can also fall low. Why did Lucifer, the bearer of light, descend into hell? And what did the archangel Michael have to do with it? What do angels look like according to the Bible? And how are they depicted in the Koran? Do the Archangel Gabriel and Michael have the same function there? And is there a devil in the Koran?


Heavenly armies, angelic princes, guardian angels, avenging angels, angels of death, apostate angels. According to the Bible, angels come in all shapes, sizes, ages and sexes. But where do angels actually come from? What types of angels are there? Why do they have wings? When were they created? What are they actually made of? And are all angels automatically good?

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Where do the angels come from?

0:25 Intro

0:40 Angels and wings

1:37 Cherubs and child angels

3:30 Where do the angels come from?

4:52 Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

6:35 Ecclesiastical problems with the depiction of angels

8:01 Heavenly hierarchy of angels

9:07 Archangel Gabriel in the Koran


10:09 Michael in the Bible and the Koran

12:36 Lucifer and the fallen angels

13:20 The Fall of the Angels

13:55 The Hell of Lucifer

15:11 The Devil of the Koran

15:48 Angel with Millstone

16:50 Farewell

17:10 Outro

17:26 Sources

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