Medieval Art

Discover the tales of history

What is the medieval age for us?
How did it form us?
Find it out on our channel.

Facts and Stories
Stories and legends of the Middle Ages, what is true, what is invented? Learn more about Alexander the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marco Polo and many other fascinating personalities.

Animals and mythical creatures
Dragons, unicorns, griffins and co.

In the Middle Ages, people travelled differently and invented a lot. Discover interesting animal drawings and curious mythical creatures.

The art of writing
Interesting insights into the creation of documents and writings. How was our history recorded? What was needed and how was it produced?

From taking a bow to
the handshake

How did we
greet back then?

Is Covid throwing us back to the Middle Ages?
Greeting in the Middle Ages was much more personal than it is in our current situation. How, when and where people greeted or kissed each other can be found here!

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My favourite miniature (part 2) ➡️ MYTH & MIDDLE AGES: 💁🏻♀️ The Vestal Tuccia

    The dogma of virginity: what is it? How can it be proven?   Many people in the Middle Ages were concerned with this question, including Stefan Lochner and...

👼 Good angel ↔️ Bad angel?! 😈 …. DISCOVER how hell was created ….(#ANGELFALL)

On the panel of the Isenheim Altar in the Antonite Monastery in Alsace, a small black devil has been discovered. Or is it an angel?   We do...

The Black Death – Plague and Middle Ages

Since the beginning of last year, we have been experiencing a pandemic with a virus as the causative agent. We are very lucky that the Sars-Cov-2...

Angels in history: angelic princes, fallen angels, heaven, hell

Heavenly armies, angelic princes, guardian angels, avenging and death angels, renegade and fallen angels….   Angels have an important role in the history of mankind. But what are...