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What is LOVE? And HOW do you find it? (Part 2)

According to our modern understanding, we mean that one simply “meets” love; not so in the medieval understanding: according to the symbolism of the story of the inflamed heart, love puts the lover (“in love”) to the test, he must prove himself in order to win his beloved.


What are these tests? How is the path to true love described in the Middle Ages? Find out today with us and the odyssey of the knight with the love-struck heart on Medievelartstories!

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Intro

0:18 True Love Dream or reality?

1:08 René from Anjou

1:56 The love knight and passion

2:45 The 7 challenges of love

3:15 Beginning: Hope

4:01 Challenge 1: Envy

4:26 Challenge 2: The forest of the long wait


5:12 Challenge 3: The fountain of fate

5:27 Challenge 4: Sad valley of inner retreat

5:57 Challenge 5: The Station of the Dangerous Passage

7:01 Challenge 6: The cheerless hill

9:05 Challenge 7: Discouragement

10:01 Conclusion

12:32 End of story

12:56 More about Love

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