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Good angel, Bad angel?! DISCOVER how hell was created!

On the panel of the Isenheim Altar in the Antonite Monastery in Alsace, a small black devil has been discovered. Or is it an angel?


We do not know, or can’t say exactly. In this video, the panel is explained and the scene during the division of heaven into good and evil is depicted shortly before the subsequent fall of the angels.


But what has the little devil/angel, which one has now newly discovered, to do with the creation of hell? And what does he change about the message of the tablet? Find out!


When the artist M. Grünewald created the Isenheim Altar in 1516, he chose as his motif the division of angels with the theme of a crooked concert. It is a very expressive panel with rich decorations and very beautiful paintings.


More than 500 years later, during the restoration of the altar, a small detail was recently discovered that could change the interpretation of the panel’s content: is it an angel? Or a devil? And what is his function? Find out!

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0:00 Book Contact Agency
0:41 Isenheim Altar: Restoration
1:55 Discovery of an angel?
2:55 Devil or not devil?


3:42 Crooked concert
4:45 Division of the angels
6:45 Conclusion
7:45 Outro

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