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The Divine Garden: Back to Nature (Part 2)




Where does the term paradise actually come from? What does the lily have to do with eroticism? And what is a hortus conclusus?


Flowers had an important function in the symbolism of the Middle Ages. The lily, for example, was not just an ornamental decoration, it stood for purity, hope and integrity. No wonder, then, that it adorned many emblems.


The garden, paradise and life were also related in the Middle Ages. In this video we explain more about the tree of life, the origin of paradise, and the role of plants in eroticism.

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Origin of the word Paradise

0:55 Tree of knowledge and the tree of life

1:33 The Frankfurt Garden of Paradise

2:14 The symbolism of the lily

3:55 Tree of Life and the Cross

4:20 The Secular Hortus Conclusus

5:25 Plants in erotic poetry

7:04 Acknowledgement and Subscribe

7:14 Outro

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