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The Apocalypse and what causes it

The lamb has two symbolisms in the history of the Middle Ages: that of sacrifice and that of victory. But how does it relate to the seven plagues of hell and the unleashing of these upon humanity?


What does the lamb have to do with the seven seals of hell and the Apocalypse? And what was its significance in the Middle Ages and in the history of the Church? The lamb in the Middle Ages was not only a farm animal, it was also revered, worshipped and sacrificed. But what symbolism did it have and what was its function?

⏰⏰ Topics ⏰⏰

0:00 Apocalyptic conditions

0:31 Intro

0:46 The Lamb and the Seven Seals of Hell

1:39 Agnus Dei

1:55 The Lamb as a farm animal

2:39 Meaning of the Agnus Dei

3:38 Worship of the Lamb

4:46 Source of life


5:11 The Lamb and Baptism

5:46 The Lamb as the Causer of the Apocalypse

6:12 Admiration and compassion

6:51 Homage to the Lamb

7:26 Conclusion

7:50 Medieval Art Stories

8:10 Outro

8:25 Sources

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