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Gold, Fruit of the Supernova

Gold has been the object of power and fascination since the dawn of our history. But where does gold come from? Why is it so important for us? And what does book illumination have to do with it?

Gold has always been sought after and valued, so it is not surprising that it was often used and in great demand in book illumination and the decoration and embellishment of important books, bibles or sagas. But how was it possible to use this as a colour? And what do honey and earwax have to do with it?


Gold wasn’t only used for book illuminations. The greed for gold led to many adventures, be it the search for El Dorado, the philosopher’s stone or the accidental invention of porcelain.

But what are the facts about gold? What role did it have in religion, what role in book illumination or even in art?

If you want to know what supernovae have to do with gold, how to apply it to miniatures or what shell gold is, follow our channel and look forward to lots of interesting new content!

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Gold: the subject of myths and stories

0:26 Intro

0:40 Greed and gold

1:45 The Philosopher’s Stone

2:18 Facts and figures

3:59 Gold in art

5:04 Symbolism in the Bible

7:37 Gold in book illumination

10:27 Shell gold

11:25 Gold and facsimile

13:11 Gold species in reproduction

16:02 Goodbye and Subscribe

16:30 Outro

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