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My Favourite Miniature (1): Love Story Without Words

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So why use them at all? This love story by an unknown author from medieval France consists only of pictures

A love story completely without words. How can we interpret it, what does it want to tell us?

After 500 years, some context may well be lost. To understand the content, you have to read – or in this case – see between the lines! Who could the lovers be? Who does this brooch belong to? And to whom does the parrot belong?

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 New series: My favourite miniature

0:34 Intro

0:49 The Book of Lovers

1:33 Jean and Luise

2:05 The Princess and the Parrot

3:20 The Epistle of the Green Lover

4:21 The Farewell Letter

5:27 Miniature and text

6:00 Outro

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