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My favourite miniature (2): The Vestal Tuccia



The dogma of virginity: what is it? How can it be proven?


Many people in the Middle Ages were concerned with this question, including Stefan Lochner and Franz von Retz.


Therefore, in ‘The Book of Wonders’ are presented various legends and stories that try to prove this dogma.


Topic today? The vestal virgin Tuccia!


But how did they try to prove it? Who is the vestal virgin Tuccia? And how did she shape our history? Find out!

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0:00 Dogma and myth / Dogma and myth
0:49 The vestal virgin Tuccia / The vestal virgin Tuccia
1:22 Miniature and interpretation / Miniature and interpretation

2:33 Use in writing and art / Use in writing and art
3:43 Inspiration today / Inspiration today
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4:17 Outro

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