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Da Vinci’s secret writing

Painter, scientist, inventor, architect, sculptor… a universal genius! But why did Da Vinci write in mirror writing? Did he have something to hide? Find out these and other secrets about the painter’s sketchbook in this video!

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0:00 Who was Leonardo Da Vinci

0:31 The secret notebook

0:47 Why did Da Vinci use mirror writing

1:33 Assumptions on the Inquisition and clarification

2:20 What do you think? Secret Code or left handed?

2:32 App “Living Manuscripts”: Scan and translate secret scriptures.


As a painter, sculptor and much more, Da Vinci always carried a sketchbook with him. Not only does it contain many ideas and secrets, it was also written in a mysterious mirror script.

Many assume that this mirror writing was a system of secrecy, but: – Is that really true? What did he want to keep secret from us with this writing in his notebook?

Find out whether Leonardo was afraid of the Inquisition and with which app you can read his notes in this video!

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