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Dantes Second Circle of Hell: Paolo and Francesca




Exactly 700 years ago today, on 14 September 1321, the poet Dante Alighieri died. As we are currently addressing the topic of “Lovers in the Middle Ages”, today’s topic is the famous lovers “Paolo and Francesca”, whom Dante met in the “Divine Comedy” in the second circle of hell.


In conversation with the two lovers, he tries to find out how they ended up in Hell and what they did to get there. This is followed by an interesting story with references to the Arthurs Tales and the knight Sir Lancelot.


But what does hell have to do with love? Is there a special hell just for lovers? Or is it pure coincidence that Paolo and Francesca ended up there? Find out more in this video!

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Lovers in world literature

0:44 Intro

0:58 The Second Circle of Hell

3:24 Paolo and Francesca from Rimini

5:11 The forbidden love of Lancelot


6:43 Galeotto the bawd

8:16 Treacherous Literature

9:49 Damnation and Polemics

11:44 Outro

11:58 Sources

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