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Exceptional women from the Middle Ages


Were women able to fulfill themselves in the Middle Ages? What about their rights?


The Middle Ages were an extremely difficult time for women. Apart from getting married and having children, or living in a convent, there were not many alternatives. A career or professional vocation was mostly a wishful fantasy.

But was this impossible? Was there a way for a woman to realize herself in the Middle Ages? Were there women who had influence or power on society or our history? Find it out in this video!


Hildegard von Bingen and Christine de Pizan are two women from the Middle Ages who, despite all the circumstances of the time and society, managed to realise themselves.

Whether it was through ascending the church hierarchy and a strong character, that did not back down even in a dispute with the authorities, or through the intellect of a female author and her gift of writing – these two personalities already had a great influence on the history of their (and our) time a thousand years ago.

⏰⏰ TOPICS ⏰⏰

0:00 Were women able to fulfill themselves in the Middle Ages?

0:07 Intro

0:23 The life of women in the Middle Ages

1:39 The monastery as an escape route

2:21 Education, power and career in the monastery

3:01 Hildegard of Bingen

3:27 First German mystic

4:03 Research, travel and correspondence


4:35 The frowned upon “what if” question

5:09 The monastic life

5:43 Christine de Pizan

6:22Life as a writer

6:42 “The Book of the City of Ladies” and “Letter of Othea to Hector”

6:57 The first literary dispute in France

7:23 Two paths to freedom and self-realisation for women

8:03 Outro

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