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Back to the Future (1): Nature & Middle Age

Macrocosm and microcosm, human, nature and the universe. How did people in the Middle Ages understand themselves and the environment? What was natural, what knowledge of nature did people have, how did they survive? ⁠

Not everything old is antiquated, as it becomes clear time and again. We currently seem to be overshooting the mark; human and nature are no longer as closely connected as they were and have been in the course of history.  We seem to be at the peak of our historical position by means of technology, science and medicine, but we have lost contact with nature and the ecosystem that is important for our survival. ⁠


Progress or regression, where are we? The current generation usually sees itself as advanced and superior to the past, which is certainly the case in the fields of medicine, technology and production. But what about the relationship between humans and the earth?

It seems that humans are no longer sustainable for the planet. So we have managed to make life more comfortable for us, but at the same time destroyed the only place where we can currently live. We have to find our way back to nature and try to live in harmony with it again. But how does this actually work?! How did people live in the Middle Ages, how did they treat the environment there? Did we have a different concept of man and nature? Find out!

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0:00 Quizz

0:27 Intro

0:42 Plant life in the Middle Ages

1:27 Progress or regression?

3:07 Microcosm and macrocosm

4:23 Flowers as ornaments in book

5:35 Nature as the language of God

6:03 Healing powers of nature

8:17 Leonardo Da Vinci

9:02 The view of paradise

9:42 Fernando Caruncho: Back to Nature

10:37 Outro

10:53 Acknowledgement

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