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Book illumination: The secrets of the Middle Ages (2)

After a short introduction to understanding the miniatures and how to read them, the different periods of book illumination are explained. This ranges from insular book illumination to the book illumination of the Renaissance. The drawings, perspectives and styles are very different.


But how exactly do they differ? By which characteristics can we recognise which styles? And what do these miniatures look like?


Medieval book illumination is a subject that is difficult to summarise in a short video, as it spans more than a thousand years. The characteristics and features of the different style periods could not be more different, but in this video we try to summarise the most important features.


Whether it is Insular illumination or late Renaissance illumination, find out how to recognise them and what characterises the different style periods.

⏰⏰ THEMEN ⏰⏰

0:00 Anhaltspunkte / Indications

0:09 Intro

0:24 Insulare Buchmalerei / Insular illumination

1:46 Karolingische Buchmalerei / Carolingian Illumination

2:39 Ottonische Kunst / Ottonian illumination

3:25 Romanische Kunst / Romanesque illumination

4:57 Gotik / Gothic

6:10 Internationale Gotik / International gothic

6:37 Renaissance

7:07 Outro

7:22 Danksagung

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